Why Fruit Juice is Making You Fat

greenmachine-fullhugWhen you buy fruit juice, how much of the fruit are you really buying? The truth is that the processed juice is hardly what you would get if you juiced or blended the fruit yourself. The problem is that any processed fruit drink lacks fiber and is extremely concentrated with sugar. Like milk, fruit juice goes through a pasteurization process that heats the juice to rid it of any potential bad bacteria. In the process, good bacteria, vitamins, and minerals housed in the fruit are killed off as well.

When there is no fiber in the drink, it is very hard to fill up quickly. Ever notice that you are able to drink an entire bottle of fruit juice, yet struggle to eat the same amount in an actual fruit?

For instance, an 8oz glass of orange juice is made from 3-4 medium-sized oranges. In one sitting, someone can easily consume two 8oz glasses no problem. Now try eating 6-8 oranges. Nature intended for us to eat real food, not processed, concentrated versions of it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.25.51 PM

What we’re seeing in fruit juice is that people are consuming more fructose (sugar) than they should consume during a period of multiple days, or even a week. Fructose (as it goes to the liver) creates fatty deposits within the liver. The accumulation of processed food, sodas, and fruit juices leads to the development of metabolic syndrome (MetS—a combination of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high triglycerides).

We’ve been seeing obesity levels on the rise and part of the answer is right here!

People think they’re doing so well by buying fruit juice. Many juice bottles boast, “no sugar added” on the front. Don’t be fooled! The juice in your fridge is no better than a soda.

RESOLUTION: Stop buying processed fruit drinks! If you want to have fruit juice, blend the fruit yourself. In doing this, you preserve the nutrients that were intended to be in the fruit and you avoid an excess of fructose in your body.


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